Low Porosity hair care tips!

My hair couldn’t just pick a struggle *Inserts crying emoji *, To be short and full or long and sparse or just be all the good things but No!, It decided to be sparse and short. Just recently, I found out I had low porosity hair, Like am I not already dealing with enough hair problems!!!. Okay I’m done rambling. Let me get straight to it.

What is porosity?

According to Essence, Porosity is the hairs ability to absorb moisture. So basically there are three types

1- Low porosity

2- Normal porosity

3- High porosity

So I’ll focus on low porosity because that’s what I deal with.

Low porosity

Having low porosity hair means your hair cuticles are tightly shut. Due to the tightly shut cuticles it’s pretty difficult for it to absorb moisture so there’s a lot of product build up. Ever used a curlying custard, gel or a leave in conditioner and it just doesn’t get absorbed into your hair well Mrs. Low porosity is at fault.

How to know your hair is low porosity

Get a cup and fill it with water, drop a strand of your hair from your comb or something and observe. If it floats instead of sinks, well ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves another member of the low porosity club.

Low porosity hair can be a reason your hair is still not growing or has very slow growth like mine.

Ways to deal with low porosity hair to ensure growth

1. Indirect heat

This is important for us low porosity hair people. Steaming the hair indirectly helps open up the tight hair cuticles of your hair. I steam my hair every time I moisturize. You can use a hair dryer cap or heat cap. They probably cost a thousand naira or like $3, or you could just be a cheapskate like me and just wrap your hair with a plastic bag and use the hair dryer on it.

2. Clarify your hair

To clarify your hair means to make clear by removing impurities. You could get a clarifying shampoo. I’m guessing they cost from like $5 to $20. You could also clarify with a bentonite clay mixed with oils. Again me being a cheapskate, I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Baking soda is very alkaline so adding ACV rinse balances the pH.

Mix the baking soda with water until a cloudy solution is formed and apply to your hair. Leave to sit for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse out thoroughly. Then mix the apple cider vinegar with water, more water than the ACV. Rinse your hair with it. Leave for like 5 minutes then rinse out with water thoroughly.

3. Deep condition with heat

This is a must!. Always deep condition your hair. After applying the deep conditioner use indirect heat as stated above . Get any deep conditioner or be like me and DIY it.

I do the coconut oil and honey deep conditioning treatment. Warm the oil and add the honey. Mix throughly and apply to your hair. Leave for about 15 minutes in a cap while applying indirect heat and rinse out with warm water. Or you could do the Avocado deep conditioner treatment. Mash the ripe avocado and add olive oil, mix thoroughly and apply to hair after shampooing. Leave to sit for 30 minutes to one hour while applying indirect heat. Then rinse out with water.

4. Use water based and humectant products

Humectants are basically substances that keep your hair moist examples of humectants are glycerin, aloe Vera juice/gel. Get products that are water based. Infact water should be the first ingredient on the product.

5. Substitute your heavy oils for lighter oils

Heavy oils such as coconut oil, olive oil tend to just sit on the hair and makes it greasy and heavy. Since low porosity hair finds it difficult to absorb moisture, go for lighter oils when moisturizing like jojoba oil, almond oil.

So I started these regimens at the beginning of January and my hair is in a way way wayyyyyy better condition than when I had no idea what low porosity was.


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